Exactamundo Challenge Fundraising Success

Thanks the generosity of NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation’s 2016 Exactamundo Challenge fundraiser was a great success.

Attendees of the September 2016 Conference at the Greenbrier Resort vied to guess the correct number of red and blue houses in a large plexiglass house.

For $2 per guess or $5 for 3 guesses, a participant could win a $500 Visa gift card for guessing the number of houses exactly.

Although no one guessed the correct number of houses (4,749), three people came close and won Visa gift cards for their efforts.

Congratulations to Kathy Carpenter, who came the closest and won the $300 Excellent Guesser award.

Antonio Worsham came the second closest and won the $150 High Achiever award.

Lolita Malave was in the ballpark and won the $50 Best in the Ballpark award.

Special thanks to our sponsor, Old Republic Home Protection.  

Thank you, also, to our volunteers who worked the table and encouraged others to play the Challenge during Conference:

  • Phyllis Furr St. Clair
  • Sofia Crisp
  • Heather Bowers Cross
  • Rob Rusczak
  • Gloria Green
  • Teresa Pitt
  • Bob Bates
  • Russell & Kathy Wing
  • James McDuffie

Special thanks, also, to Elaine Anderson for securing the sponsorship and to Phyllis Furr St. Clair for coordinating the building of the plexiglass container.

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation raised $1,200 at this event.  These funds will further our mission of providing affordable housing opportunities and disaster relief for deserving homeowners.

NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation continues to invest in communities throughout our state because of the commitment of NC REALTORS® and their housing partners.