Gives Back Day Grants

In support of local REALTOR® association service projects for NC REALTORS® Gives Back, the NC REALTORS® Housing Foundation is promoting a fundraiser and grant program.

NC REALTORS® can donate online (specify Gives Back under Other) to help support the statewide Gives Back initiative.

The money raised will be collected by the Housing Foundation and then used to assist local association Gives Back projects through matching grants.

What kinds of projects are we talking about? It should be a project that brings multiple housing industry partners together to address a housing need in the community.  Some examples might include:

  • Making critical exterior repairs to a home (or numerous homes) of an individual who is not able to do so because they are low-income, elderly, disabled or otherwise not capable.
  • Partnering with the city or a housing organization to rehab low-income residents for those in need.
  • Beautification Projects
  • Feeding the hungry
  • Improving homes by removing contaminants or by adding energy efficient features.
  • Any project whereas our members can show good will to mankind

Associations interested in applying for a Gives Back grant must submit an application by August 31 each year. Applications are available beginning in April.